From the Editor

Title Page


Map of
San Francisco
& Vicinity


Chapter I.
The Doomed City

Chapter II.
San Francisco a Roaring Furnace

Chapter III.
Third Day Adds to Horror

Chapter IV.
Twenty Square Miles of Wreck and Ruin

Chapter V.
The City of a Hundred Hills

Chapter VI.
Scenes of Terror, Death and Heroism

Chapter VII.
Thrilling Personal Experiences

Chapter VIII.
Thrilling Personal Experiences - Continued

Chapter IX.
Through Lanes of Misery

Chapter X.
Whole Nation Responds with Aid

Chapter XI.
All Co-Operate in Relief Work

Chapter XII.
Our Boys in Blue Prove Heroism

Chapter XIII.
In the Refuge Camps

Chapter XIV.
Ruins and Havoc in Coast Cities

Chapter XV.
Destruction of Great Stanford University

Chapter XVI.
Fighting Fire with Dynamite

Chapter XVII.
Miscellaneous Facts and Incidents

Chapter XVIII.
Disaster as Viewed by Scientists

Chapter XIX.
Chinatown, a Plague Spot Blotted Out

Chapter XX.
The New San Francisco

Afterword by Joel GAzis-SAx