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Bear Canyon Eternities

“You know,” I said to the man with only a water bottle on the last stretch of the Bear Canyon Trail, “this is the longest 1.1 miles I have ever walked. It never seems to end.”

“I was thinking the same thing,” he said.

“I’m not even halfway there,” I cried.

“No, Four Corners is just ahead.”

So it was. I walked into the sparsely seeded meadow where the trails met just a couple of minutes later. The view amazed me: mile upon miles of uncut, unburnt chaparral. The elfin forest grew upwards to twenty or more feet on either side of the trail. Chamise blossomed at the edges of the open tract, offering itself as a foreground subject for every photo I took.

Bluewater Canyon from 4 Corners

Bluewater Canyon from Four Corners, Cleveland National Forest

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